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Let Your Save the Date Card Labor Overtime
Let Your Save the Date Card Labor Overtime
Planning your wedding day is not complicated, but it takes self-discipline. Short of choosing a wedding planner, quite a few engaged couples and their families can take control of organizing their wedding event through the use of wedding papers effectively. A save the date announcement is a most effective vehicle to help organize your wedding.

Right after scheduling the wedding service with the church or synagogue and choosing the location for your wedding reception, the important days for the wedding event are generally decided. Equipped with this information, many engaged couples work with a save the date card to give their invited guests a “heads-up” for making their airline travel arrangements.

While many will opt to send a fairly simple announcement - frequently with a picture of the engaged couple - asking their guests to schedule their airline reservations, other people use it to share helpful travel details. For example, hotels details, nearby airports and, possibly, a wedding website can also be added to your save the date card.

Engaged couples tend to be under the mistaken perception the save the date announcement must be coordinated with the wedding invitation along with other wedding papers. While practical, this presupposes that one has already decided what wedding invitation they intend to use. This is generally not the case.

Experienced stationers suggest using a casual save the date card that communicates a feeling of anticipation for your approaching wedding event. While a photo of the engaged couple is a favored choice, couples will opt for a beach motif for the island wedding, a colorful leaf for a fall wedding and, perhaps, a snowman for a winter wedding.

There are many hundreds, or even thousands, of choices for save the date invitations. Most couples find it easier to pick a theme that captures the excitement of one's wedding day to limit the invitation selections.

For those that possess a little more time and energy to plan, experienced stationers recommend adding useful travel and accommodation details with their save the date announcement.

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